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Raihan JIbon
Aug 02, 2022
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Model. the Complete Solution, Coupled with the Rich Practical Experience and Technological Capabilities of the Far Eastone Consulting Team in Digital Transformation, Can Further Target More Industrial Customers. in Addition to Expanding the Local Market, Bohong Has Also Not Ignored Overseas Business Opportunities. He Guansheng Mentioned, "In the Past Three Years, We Have Made Great Achievements in Operating the Bases in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, and Overseas Revenue Has Grown Significantly, Especially in the Financial and Insurance Industry, Government Departments and Large-Scale Enterprises. Enterprises Are Our Customer Base.” This Good Result Allows Bohong to Continue to Dream Bravely, and the Next Stage of the Strategy Focuses on “Based on Taiwan, Looking to the World”, Ho Guansheng Believes That Working with Far Eastone Can Accumulate the Success of More Companies Deploying “Big Men” the executive list Story Will Definitely Help Export the Digital Transformation Paradigm Internationally. Figure 3_big Shot Pattern Photo Credit: Far Easing Far Eastone Has Insight into the Needs of Various Business Formats, Focusing on Three Technologies: Big Data (Big Data), Artificial Intelligence (Ai), and Internet of Things (Iot), and Developing "Far Eastone Big Shots". in 2019, It Joined Forces with Bohong Cloud Technology to Continue to Provide Innovative Digital the Service Solves the Problems Faced by the Enterprise, and Strives to Become the Best Partner for the Digital Transformation of the Enterprise.that There Were Three Main Languages: Hakka, Ho Lao (Hokkien) and Cantonese. the Latter Is Not the Mainstream Cantonese-Influenced Hong Kong Cantonese Today, but the Xin'an, Panyu and Nanhai Dialects from Guangdong, Collectively Referred to as Punti. This Word Was Gradually Used Less and Less, but It Is Still Preserved in Legal Terms. the Meaning of Punti Has Also Changed into the Current Hong Kong
Journalism, National Chengchi University, and the Department of Geography content media
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Raihan JIbon

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