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The Secret Order 8: Return To The Buried Kingdo... __FULL__

14. Therefore, my beloved, we also have received of the Spirit of Christ, and Christ dwelleth in us, as it is written that the Spirit said this through the month of the Prophet: --I will dwell in them and will walk in them.(5) Therefore let us prepare our temples for the Spirit of Christ, and let us not grieve it that it may not depart from us. Remember the warning that the Apostle gives us:--Grieve not the Holy Spirit whereby ye have been sealed unto the day of redemption. For from baptism do we receive the Spirit of Christ. For in that hour in which the priests invoke the Spirit, the heavens open and it descends and moves upon the waters.(6) And those that are baptized are clothed in it; for the Spirit stays aloof from all that are born of the flesh, until they come to the new birth by water, and then they receive the Holy Spirit. For in the first birth they are born with an animal souls which is created within man and is not thereafter subject to death, as he said: --Adam became a living soul.(1) But in the second birth, that through baptism, they received the Holy Spirit from a particle of the Godhead, and it is not again subject to death. For when men die, the animal spirit is buried with the body, and sense is taken away from it, but the heavenly spirit that they receive goes according to its nature to Christ. And both these the Apostle has made known, for he said:--The body is buried in animal wise, and rises again in spiritual wise.(2) The Spirit goes back again to Christ according to its nature, for the Apostle said again:-- When we shall depart from the body we shall be with our Lord.(3) For the Spirit of Christ, which the spiritual receive, goes to our Lord. And the animal spirit is buried in its nature, and sense is taken away from it. Whosoever guards the Spirit of Christ in purity, when it returns to Christ it thus addresses him:--"The body into which I went, and which put me on from the water of the baptism, has kept me in holiness." And the Holy Spirit will be earnest with Christ for the resurrection of that body which kept Him with purity, and the Spirit will request to be again conjoined to it that that body may rise up in glory. And whatever man there is that receives the Spirit from the water (of baptism) and grieves it, it departs from him until he dies, and returns according to its nature to Christ, and accuses that man of having grieved it. And when the time of the final consummation shall have come, and the time of the Resurrection shall have approached, the Holy Spirit, that was kept in purity, receives great power from its nature and comes before Christ and stands at the door of the tombs, where the men are buried that kept it in purity, and awaits the (resurrection) shout. And when the Watchers shall have opened the doors of heaven before the King,(4) then the cornet shall summon, and the trumpets shall sound, and the Spirit that waits for the (resurrection) shout shall hear, and quickly shall open the tombs, and raise up the bodies and whatsoever was buried in them, and shall put on the glory that comes with it. And (the Spirit) shall be within for the resurrection of the body, and the glory shall be without for the adornment of the body. And the animal spirit shall be swallowed up in the heavenly Spirit, and the whole man shall become spiritual, since his body is possessed by it (the Spirit). And death shall be swallowed up in life,(5) and body shall be swallowed up in Spirit. And by the power of the Spirit, that man shall fly up to meet the King and He shall receive him with joy, and Christ shall give thanks for the body that has kept His Spirit in purity.

The Secret Order 8: Return to the Buried Kingdo...


7. For all our fathers, in hope of the Resurrection and the quickening of the dead, were looking forward and hastening; as the blessed Apostle said, If the righteous had been looking forward to that city from which Abraham went forth, they would have had an opportunity of again turning back and to it; but they showed that they were looking forward to one better than it, namely that which is in heaven.(2) They were looking forward to be released and to go speedily thither. And from that which I am writing unto thee, understand and observe that they were looking forward to the Resurrection. For Jacob our father, when he was dying, bound Joseph his son with an oath, and said to him, Bury me in the tomb of my fathers, with Abraham and Sarah and Isaac and Rebecca.(3) And why, my beloved, did Jacob not wish to be buried in Egypt, but with his fathers? He showed beforehand, that he was looking forward to the quickening of the dead; that, when the Resurrection shout should be raised and the sound of the trumpet (heard), he might rise up near to his fathers, and might not at the time of the Resurrection be mingled with the wicked who shall return to Sheol and to punishment.

21. These memorials that I have written unto thee, my beloved, concerning Jesus Who was persecuted, and the righteous who were persecuted, are in order that those who to-day are persecuted for the sake of the persecuted Jesus, may be comforted, for He wrote for us and comforted us Himself; for H e said:--If they, have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. And because of this they will persecute you, that ye are not of the world, even as I was not of it.(7) For He wrote before for us:--Your fathers and your brothers and your family will deliver you up, and all men shall hate you for My name's sake.(8) And again He taught us:--When they shall bring you before rulers and before magistrates, and before kings that hold the world, meditate not before the time what ye shall say, and how ye shall make defence; and I will give you a mouth and wisdom, that your enemies may not be able to overcome you, because it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Spirit of your Father; He shall speak in you.(1) This is the spirit which spoke by the mouth of Jacob to Esau, his persecutor; and the spirit of wisdom which spoke before Pharaoh by the mouth of the persecuted Joseph; and the spirit which spoke by the mouth of Moses in all the prodigies which he did in the land of Egypt, and the spirit of knowledge which was given to Joshua, the son of Nun, when Moses laid his hand upon him, so that the nations which persecuted him came to a complete end before him; and the spirit that uttered psalms by the mouth of the persecuted David, by which he used to sing psalms and soothe Saul his persecutor from the evil spirit; and the spirit which clothed Elijah, and through him reproved Jezebel and Ahab his persecutor; and the spirit which spoke in Elisha, and prophesied and made known to the king his persecutor about all that was to happen thereafter; and the spirit which was fervent in the mouth of Micaiah when he reproved Ahab his persecutor saying:--If thou shalt at all return back, the Lord hath not spoken by me;(2) and the spirit which strengthened Jeremiah, so that he stood boldly, and by it reproved Zedekiah; and the spirit that preserved Daniel and his brethren in the land of Babylon; and the spirit that delivered Mordecai and Esther in the place of their captivity.

5 NEW COMPLAINTS AND NEW DECREES. Within a short time, however, when no improvement was noticeable anywhere in the world, many rushed to complain that the edict had not been enforced. Thereupon, after the counsellors again gathered in council, the Queen appointed a commission which consisted of Careless and Overlook, to whom, for the greater honor, Moderation was added from among the Queen's counsellors. This commission was ordered to ascertain diligently whether the infamous banished ruffians had not remained in the country despite the edict, or whether perchance they had not the audacity to return again. The commissioners departed and returning after a time reported that they had indeed found some suspicious-looking individuals, but upon examination had found that they did not profess themselves as belonging to the banished band and, besides, that they had borne different names. Thus one resembling Drunkenness was called Tipsiness alias Joviality; another resembling Greed bore the name of Thrift; the third, bearing a likeness to Usury was known as Interest; the fourth, resembling Lust was called Favor; the fifth, much like Pride, was known as Dignity; the sixth, not unlike Cruelty, was called Strictness; the seventh, bearing a likeness to Laziness, was named Amiability; and so forth.

About this time D. Iuan Emanuel, son to the Prince Emanuel the Nephew of Ferdinando, surnamed the Holy, was famous among the Spanjards, both for his great Nobility of birth and riches; this Iuan Emanuel had a daughter called Constance, who not yet marriagable, was promised to King Alphonso the eleventh of Castile, but this King offended by certain secret occasions, broke his vow to her, and espoused Mary daughter to Alphonso King of Portugal: after a little time passed, the King of Portugal thinking Constance to be a fit match for his son the Prince Pedro, first writ to his son in Law Alphonso, and soon after began to treat with Iuan Emanuel, both the one and the other returned answer to his messages, the King of Castile with dissimulation, and Emanuel with sincerity offering his daughter.

At his return home he fell sick, and in the tenth year of his kingdom, and about the three and fortieth of his age in September 1367. he died, he was buried in the Cathedral of Lisbon, not far distant from his father, having caused before his death three Tombs to be erected on each side, he caused the bodies of his wife Constance, and the Lady Agnesa, to be laid, reserving the middle one for himself, where he was accordingly buried.

Yet when that was given, and Phillip ready to march with an Army of twenty thousand men into Portugal, he had like to have been prevented; for Pope Gregory the Thirteenth pretending still his right to Dispose, or at least to Arbitrate all Difference concerning that Crown, had sent Cardinal Riario Legat Apostolique, with Order to disswade the Catholick King from raising Arms, and that done, to pass int [...] [...]ortugal, and in his Holiness name, and behalf, to Arbitrate the Right between all Pretenders; which [Page 71] designs of the Popes, this crafty Spanish Fox circumvented, for having pre-advice of it, and resolving to pursue his own intentions of assuring to himself the kingdom of Portugal, and yet approve himself an obedient Son of the Church, he gave order in all places where the Legat was to pass, he should be most magnificently entertained, so that by such sumptuous Treatments, the time might be dexterously protracted, and he possessed of that kingdom before the Legat arrived at Court; which was accordingly done, and the Legat returned thanks for his magnificent Entertainments, though he was displeased at the ill success of his Negotiation. 041b061a72

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