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Where Can I Buy Pine Straw Near Me

The Pine Straw Store has been the industry leader in commercial and home delivered pine straw products for years. In fact, we were the first company in the United States to develop a large commercial facility designed to deliver pine straw products to the average homeowner via the internet. Our company is dedicated to supplying the cleanest, most consistent pine straw offered to the world.

where can i buy pine straw near me

Pine straw is a pine needle that has fallen from a pine tree. Pine needles are used in flower beds as a ground cover for landscaping. Pine straw helps insulate the soil from temperature fluctuations and will not move with heavy rains. Pine straw is excellent on hills and slopes because the pine needles interlock after spreading and keep the pine straw from moving. Pine Straw Mulch is also referred to as Pine Needle Mulch and does not exhibit all of the problems of hardwood mulch.

A wide variety of plants thrive with pine straw mulch, including azaleas, camellias, hostas, ferns, hydrangea, magnolias, coleus, rhododendrons, snapdragons, cineraria, bleeding heart, geranium, lily of the valley, rose of sharon, rhodies, hellebores, astilbe, strawberries, blueberries, and choke cherry. Because this is not an exhaustive list, please consult your local professional for answers to questions about specific plants not named here.

The pine straw was fresh and smelled so good. I was extremely impressed with the service and delivery. They always responded quickly, answered phone calls quickly, and jumped on what needed to be done. It was delivered as promised and where I wanted. SO thankful I found them and hate I wasted time and $$ on the big box stores. It will be my go to after 15 yrs of using big box stores.

Our technicians are professional, courteous, and work hard to deliver and spread your pine straw order as quickly as possible. Our Greensboro pine straw delivery and spreading services are readily available and we have no order minimum and provide same-day delivery. Customers providing 24 hour notice for the date and time of their pine needle delivery receive priority however every attempt will be made to deliver your order as soon as possible. If you have questions or would like to place an order, contact us or call 336-676-1217.

Pine straw is the thick layer of needles dropped from pine trees. Most needles drop in the fall. Longleaf pine straw is best to sell because longleaf pine trees have very long needles.

1 bale = 50 square feet.Order NowOhio Pine Straw SalesOur HistoryOhio Pine Straw Sales LLC has become the major supplier of pine straw for northern Ohio operating in Concord Township, Ohio since 1997.

Use of pine straw as a ground cover mulch in landscaping around trees and in flowerbeds has been rising popularity throughout the South for the last 25 years because pine straw is clean, attractive, and provides exceptional value for most landscaping situations. In fact, pine straw is one of the most widely used mulches for all size projects ranging from residential flower beds to industrial complexes and highway landscapes.

In 2020, to better reflect our local Ohio Buckeye state market we have changed our name to Ohio Pine Straw Sales LLC. Our goal is to continue to provide the best quality pine straw rolls at value pricing throughout northeast Ohio.

Pine Straw rolls are extremely clean of debris, fewer branches, pine cones, and dirt. This means you receive more pine straw per roll than you did with a bale! Also, pine straw rolls are faster and easier to spread than bales.

In 1997 we seized the opportunity to become the major supplier of pine straw for Ohio locating our distribution point in Concord Township, Ohio. Since then we have been pleased to be bringing pine straw to the Buckeye Ohio state and surrounding northeast.

Atlanta Pine Straw provides pine straw, natural types of mulch such as cypress and hardwood, and installation services to both commercial and residential clients. In addition, we have mulches and pine nuggets which we will gladly deliver and install.

Throughout the Southeast, we are known for our professionalism, reliability, quick turnaround time, very competitive pricing, and the exceptional care we take to make your property look its best. We use only the highest quality products including virtually flawless hand-raked long needle pine straw and the finest mulch available.

Contact our Peachtree City Pine Straw Company today for pine straw delivery. We deliver to homeowners and businesses in Newnan, Fayetteville, Peachtree City and the surrounding areas. Lanier Yardscapes can handle all of your landscape needs. We are here to serve every aspect of your landscaping with detailed excellence.

Many producers of pine straw deal wholesale, so if you're looking for enough pine straw mulch for groundcover in your garden you could find yourself needing way below the minimum order of the full semi-truckload they'll deliver.

Don't worry if you find yourself in this position though; it's easy to get top quality pine straw bales in just the amount you need by finding your local garden landscape supply retailer. You can find Custom Pine Straw's pine straw at many garden supply and home improvement stores all over the United States.

Before you go shopping you'll need to know how much pine (needle) straw you need. Use our pine straw coverage calculator to save guesswork and find the exact number of pinestraw bales for your job. All you have to do is input the length and width of your yard or gardening area and tell us if you are applying fresh pine straw mulch or covering up an old layer. Then you can head for your local garden center or landscaping supply store confident you know just what's required.

Of course, if your project is pretty big and you need 1300 to 1450 or more bales, then you can simply call Custom Pine Straw and we'll make a pine straw delivery right to your door. Pine straw can be bulky, and our bales are compressed so there's quite a bit of hand raked straw in each to get the job done. When ordering a full truckload make sure to have a dry place to store the pine straw if you're not using it right away. If you're ordering more than one load or repeat loads, often we can drop a dry enclosed trailer at your location for use as storage.

You can find pine straw retailers and pine straw suppliers that sell top quality straw mulch like ours in: garden centers, landscape supply and product stores and retail centers, home improvement stores, landscapers, lawn maintenance, lawn care, other pine straw companies, landscape nurseries, outdoor supply companies and more. See our bulk wholesale pine straw page for more information about pine straw delivery across the United States.

The decision as to which pine straw to order depends on two things - price and aesthetics. Both Slash and Long Leaf will provide the benefits of straw and give you excellent value for your dollar. If you are after a certain look in your landscape regarding color, this will control your decision. Longleaf pine straw is considered the best variety of straw for landscaping use because it contains more resin which means the straw will break down more slowly and last longer. Longleaf straw is also very uniform in color and texture. Once a base layer has been established, the bed may be periodically freshened with a thin layer over the top of the old straw.

To achieve the desired effects, the straw should be spread at least 3" deep. You will receive the bales from us tightly wrapped with cord. You should take handfuls and shake them over the desired area so that it is distributed in a loose, fluffy manner. While a bit time consuming, it will achieve two important objectives, providing a very attractive ground cover and yielding the correct square footage from each bale. Each bale will yield about 50 square feet. Before calling us with your order, measure the area that you wish to spread pine straw - length and width are enough - and we can calculate the volume that you need. Or you can use our Product Calculator.

Before you call with your order for straw, give some consideration to where you would like us to dump it on your property. Our trucks can hold a maximum of 200 bale of straw. We discourage dumping your straw in any location that requires the wheels of the truck to leave a hard surface - paving, concrete, asphalt or packed gravel or dirt. Usually we deliver to some location on the homeowner's drive. Marking the location by spreading a tarp on the drive before the time of delivery is especially helpful. Be sure to pay attention to overhead wires or tree limbs. The truck bed has to tilt to dump the straw so it requires sufficient overhead clearance. Our truck requires at least 18 feet of overhead clearance.

One of our best-selling products, North Carolina Long Leaf Pine Needles is popular among homeowners and professional landscapers. While some may call it pine straw, others like to call it pine mulch.

For over 40 years, businesses in Florida have trusted Putnals Premium Pine Straw, Inc for all their whole pine straw needs. We are proud to offer high quality pine straw for landscapers, nurseries and supply stores in the Cartersville area, available for delivery. Our customers appreciate our dedication to providing an excellent product for their businesses, while providing them with the best service. If you are looking for wholesale pine straw or need a pine straw spreading service, we are your local experts.

We have built our business and reputation as a premium pine straw wholesaler by providing only the best pine straw for our customers. It all starts at the harvesting stage. Our professional teams carefully hand sort out all debris before feeding our pine straw into our balers. Taking this extra time and effort ensures that every bale we sell is the highest quality and is always consistent in size and content.

If you are looking for beautiful ground cover for your landscaping needs, pine straw is an excellent choice. Pine straw is perfect for sloped areas to prevent erosion or to reduce weed growth. At Putnals Premium Pine Straw, Inc., we also offer pine straw spreading for local businesses. 041b061a72

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