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[VERIFIED] Download Calculator For Mac

Calculator is a simple and beautiful calculator, that will handle all your everyday calculation needs. It's retina ready, can be moved around in the window or stick to the top bar, you can make it transparent so it's not that noticeable, set it to start at login, make a global shortcut to activate the app or even change the design!

Download Calculator For Mac

Soulver is a notepad calculator app for Mac that bridges the gap between a text editor, calculator, and spreadsheet. It mixes plain text and operations in a way that suits natural language and shows the results in colorful syntax.

Numi is a minimal, notepad calculator app for Mac that uses natural language to process numbers, mathematical expressions, and text-based equations. To get started, read our guide on using Numi to perform basic maths and complex functions.

Each user has a particular goal with a calculator. The apps discussed above cater to various professional needs, whether business owners, students, engineers, or scientists. It is important to know in advance your use case, then try out these apps and see which one fits your needs.

If you have trouble using one of the links below to download the files to a Windows machine, try right-clicking the link and selecting the "Save target as" or similar option on the pop-up menu. This will allow you to download the file to your computer.

The downloadable files are stored in an InstallShield file. InstallShield uses the Windows Installer service, which comes with all recent versions of Windows. You can simply download our InstallShield installation file by clicking on Calculator.msi (2,135,040 bytes).

If you would rather not use the Windows installation file, we provide an alternative version of the calculator setup package as a simple Winzip self-extracting file. It contains the same files as Calculator.msi, and installs them in the same place, but the Winzip version of the calculator setup package does not create desktop and start menu shortcuts, and does not allow for uninstallation from the Control Panel.

After downloading the calculator, install it by executing the downloaded file. The InstallShield dialog boxes will guide you through the installation process. When it is finished, you will have a folder named Calculator with 32 files: anypia32.exe, anypia32.chm, 29 sample files, and a readme file (readme.txt). The default location for the folder is in a folder named SSA, inside your Program Files folder. There will also be an entry in your Start Menu and an alias on your desktop for the benefit calculator. To start the calculator, choose it from the Start Menu, or click the alias on the desktop.

Some people have encountered problems installing the detailed calculator on computers running Windows where the installation file is not allowed to write to the installation directory. If you encounter this problem, download the installation file to your machine as explained in the note above. Then try changing the installation directory from the default C:\Program Files\SSA Benefit Calculator\ to a directory outside of Program Files such as C:\SSA Benefit Calculator\. This works for most people. If this doesn't work for you, contact us using the link below.

The downloadable files are stored in a self-extracting archive. The 2023.1 version of the calculator and data, updated through 2022, is in the Anypia.dmg disk image file. Click on Anypia.dmg (10,306,965 bytes) to download the Mac OS version.

Install the calculator by expanding Anypia.dmg, which will create a disk image on your computer. Then run the program inside the disk image, which will prompt you to select a folder where you want the calculator installed. A folder called Benefit Calculator will be created in the folder you select. It contains 31 files: Anypia, 29 sample files, and a readme file (readme.txt). Start the calculator by double-clicking on Anypia.

If you have questions or comments about the Detailed Calculator, please visit our Contact Social Security page for ways to contact us. Remember to use "Detailed Calculator" as the subject so we know which calculator your question or comment refers to.

We spent time investigating what it will take, but we do not have a version that will install on Catalina via the App Store at this time. Even Apple realizes Catalina is a real curve ball as they have announced they would temporarily (slightly) relax Catalina's requirements. We are taking advantage of the extended timeframe by releasing versions that will install via download on Catalina. We consider those versions to be in Beta Test.

Calculator Pro (Free, in-app purchase) is the best free option for a menu bar calculator for quick equations. It gives you the basic operators and functions and lets you use either the buttons on the calculator or the number keys on your keyboard. You have a few settings you can adjust and a calculator tape that you can view and copy.

Until and unless Apple changes the revamped Notification Center on macOS to allow for interactive widgets like a calculator, hopefully, one of these alternative solutions works for you. Do let us know!

A free, full-featured, graphically laid out, high-precision, scientific calculator for Mac OS X 10.4 and greater. Full source-code is included with the distribution. Good if you need to enter large expressions or have extended precision.

PCalc is a full-featured, scriptable scientific calculator with support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations, as well as an RPN mode, programmable functions, and an extensive set of unit conversions.

The Child Support and Credit Worksheets are an Excel document that uses automated calculations to simplify completing them. After downloading and opening the document, you will find a series of tabs along the bottom of the page, one for each Worksheet. In addition, there is a tab with instructions for completing the Worksheets and another containing the TN Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations.

Tennessee Department of Human Services has made this app available to simplify the process of calculating Tennessee child support orders under the State's Child Support Guidelines. The calculator will calculate support and allow for the results to be sent via SMS text message and/or email. This calculator is for educational and informational purposes only. Only a court order or other Tribunal can set child support.

When you enter requested information in a series of 8 steps, the Calculator will generate a completed document titled Child Support Worksheet that you can print and save. The Calculator is not compatible with MacOS at this time. However, above you can download an Excel version of the Child Support Worksheet that is Mac-compatible.

REQUIREMENT: To be able to save a CS Worksheet that the Calculator creates, you must first download the PDF Creator tool, which is available at no cost at See the Technical Help page if you have trouble downloading PDF Creator.

A calculator is always required. Due to this, many calculators have been available throughout the years with excellent features. People mostly use it to calculate restaurant bills, and they are used to solve Maths problems. Mean it or Mac calculator are do all your work with an instance. Here is a list of the best calculators for Mac.

Whether simple or complicated calculations, this calculator consumes all your needs. It includes an Optional Multi-line Display and RPN Mode, a Choice Button Layout, and an exclusive set of Unit Constant and Conversation. Multiple Redo and Undo, Scientific and Engineering Notation. At last best calculator app for Mac is compatible with Octal, Hexadecimal, and Binary Calculation.

Unlike the Soulver, the Numi is a notepad calculator app. Aims to solve Text-Based Expression and Mathematical Expression. Even though it looks the same as the mentioned apps on the list, there are an array of unique features.

The application is lightweight to fit in Mac MenuBar. As of now and forever, the Numi is a text-based calculator; it lets you edit the text and number while there is no export option, and it will store the last edited file.

Precision Number Option in settings to get the accurate value for decimal numerical calculation. Set Hotkey for Numi calculator shortcut. Other important settings are,

Unlike the other calculator, it inhales both Numeric and Symbolic. So not worry when there is a Fraction Calculation. Mainly solve the general equation, quadratic, cubic, and quartic equations. Besides this also derives Integration, Derivatives, etc.

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